Rising Up! Policies, Procedures, Resources (PPR)

Please use all of these materials to support your activities as you see fit (all are creative commons license). A little disclaimer – no one involved in this site necessarily agrees with any of the views expressed in the documentation. We are simply placing stuff on line to provide people with access to this information. All documents are work in progress- where time allows we review and improve all our materials.

Policies, Procedures, Resources (PPR)

Strategy and overview documents

  1. RisingUp!'s "movement DNA- our Story, Strategy and Structure (Sept 2016- please note, because we have a system of feedback and updating the details in this document may not be accurate as time progresses. Certain aspects of this document are pasted into shorter documents and updated by the relevant groups. For the avoidance of confusion- shorter documents that are similar to the pages in this bigger document, which are uploaded here, are the accurate ones.)
  2. SHORT DNA overview - 7 page document
  3. Briefing sheets:
    1. Our Story and draft Manifesto
    2. Our Strategy and tactics
    3. Examples of Actions and Event types
    4. Checklist for Actions- use this to check your action fits the "DNA" and strategy of RU
    5. Our Structure and how we deal with power
    6. Front page for the RU info evening pack
  4. Where our strategy comes from and it is influenced by these sources
  5. How decisions are made in Rising Up!
  6. Rising Up - ‘How to’ Guide for Non-Violent Direct Action

Our Principles and Values

i. Inclusion is the key to success: We work to put “intersectionality” at the heart of our movement
ii. Everyone is welcome: safer spaces
iii. We are a non-violent movement
iv. You matter, We matter, the Earth matters
v. Everyone is crew, the need for inner and outer activism
vi. Proceed as Needed (whilst being mindful of self-selection)
vii. We don’t dance with politicians and bureaucrats
viii. We can meet our own needs
Xi. Cooperation and messaging helps grow our movement

Messaging, Media and Communications

  1. Feel free to use the Rising Up Logo (Logo as EPS, as PNG, as JPG) and social media banner
  2. A rising Up leaflet and meeting flyer example
  3. Media Strategy
  4. #ToxicBankers leaflets design 1, design 2, design 3, training poster example.
  5. How to Fake A Democracy for download (and a version without references) (and a version which doesn't mention voting the Tories out- needed for protests outside polling booths)


  1. Basic Rising Up DNA information sharing
  2. Rising Up! intro event - theory
  3. Rising Up is based on the Momentum theory of change. Watch the Momentum webinars here or download the audio files (File1, File 2, File 3, FIle 4, File 5 File 6, File 7, File 8)
  4. Training / briefing of organisers
  5. Mobilisation training
  6. Direct Action training
  7. Advanced training
  8. Specific training eg.self-care / burnout / inner work and anti-oppressive practice / intersectionality. Advanced strategy training.
  9. An email sign up sheet


  1. Strategy, review and intersectionality Group 
  2. Coordination, admin and project timeline team
  3. Training and process team
  4. Legal, Logistics and intell team
    Legal information on How to Fake A Democracy
    Legal information for #ToxicBankers
  5. Media and communications team
  6. Promotion and outreach team
  7. Fund raising and finance team
  8. Movement care team​


  1. Organising a meeting to discuss strategy

Actions and Events

  1. Digital Blockade template
  2. Example of general and regional assemblies

Other Policies, Procedures and Further Information

  1. Information on Sortition
  2. ​Draft approach to diversity and inclusion
  3. Dealing with issues procedure
  4. Moving beyond hierarchy and consensus
  5. What a successful modern uprising looks like
  6. Tech and Power Protocol- about the (limited) centralised power and the risk that exists in RU and how we deal with it


Our Statement of Necessity

We are initiating and promoting campaigns of civil disobedience in the UK, which may include the breaking of laws. Our movement is explicitly nonviolent and we intend no harm to any person. We believe this is necessary as a means to respond to scientifically attested ecological threats and to challenge gross social injustices; as has happened many times in the past such as with the suffragettes, the civil rights movement in the USA, the Indian Independence movement, and the Rights to Roam in the UK. We stand on the shoulders of those movements. We stand within these traditions and learn from them.
For many of us these actions are motivated by spiritual beliefs as Pagans, Quakers, Buddhists, Jews and so on. We are called to act in service of a higher authority, a higher purpose or on behalf of the Mother Earth.

Through our action we seek to bring about
- A functioning democracy based on informed consent. We do not believe we have a functioning democracy in the UK. It has been captured by corporate and private interests and the media is owned by wealthy billionaires who use their power to systematically undermine informed public debate.
- Transformation of the political system, society and economy to ones which maximise well-being and minimizes harm. The existing political and economic system is set to destroy civilisation and much if not all life on earth if allowed to continue. This is most apparent in our society's inability to cut the carbon emissions which are creating catastrophic  climate change, and through its reckless destruction of bio-diversity.
-A society of genuine equality without poverty and privilege. At present UK is becomes ever more grossly unequal due economic arrangements which vastly favour the wealthy elites.

No particular individual or group is responsible for this state of affairs. The problem is the whole system. It is out of control to the extent that it necessitates nonviolent civil disobedience as a means to prevent disaster and create the sane and equitable society we all desire and require for ourselves and future generations.