Refugees welcome - I will share my home

Refugees and migrants are people; they are mothers, fathers, babies, brothers and sisters, all traveling to find a place where they can live safely.  Join this pledge to find out how to host a person in need.  We call on 500 people to join us. 

The number of people migrating to enter Europe has reached record levels in recent months with over 100,000 arriving in July alone. People are being driven from their homes, desperately trying to escape war, persecution and grinding poverty in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Eritrea, Somalia and beyond. Their journeys are perilous and often deadly; we are witnessing the horror of adults and children drowning at sea or dying in attempts to cross borders on land.

Meanwhile in Iceland tens of thousands of people have pledged to house Syrian refugees prompting the Icelandic government to consider accepting more people. In Germany a room-sharing  website has been overwhelmed with people offering their homes for refugees.

This pledge will help people take practical action from the UK. We will keep you updated on resources available such as The UK's No Accommodation Network (NACCOM) - an informal network of organisations providing accommodation for migrants.

The mainstream media is rarely sympathetic to the plight of migrants to the UK so we aim to show there are many of us who say refugees are welcome. We also understand that the UK contributes to factors that cause people to lose their homes around the world, such as the impact of a weapons industry that profits from conflict.

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