Golden Rule Tax Disobedience – effective democracy now!

With our broken democracy incapable of addressing society’s multiple crises, I pledge, alongside 500 UK citizens, to undertake collective tax disobedience. Taxation underpins democracy – it is our mutual investment in society. Yet the collection and spending of tax are rigged to suit unaccountable corporations and the wealthy. We want a genuine democracy that provides urgent, fitting responses to the escalating crises in our environment, well-being and economy. #taxdisobey

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Our democracy, economy and media serve the interests of the 1%[1]. The rules governing our society should be based on fairness, rights and sustainability. A healthy, functioning democracy and a stable, fair economy are both possible and necessary. There are viable alternatives[2] to climate chaos and pollution, tax dodging and financial abuse, cuts in social security public services and the stealthy privatisation of the NHS, alternatives to deep, ever-escalating inequality and constant warfare[3].

It is time for us to rise up in justified outrage. We have marched, boycotted, signed petitions, shared information and written to our MPs. While these actions have helped to raise awareness, it is clear that by themselves, they are not sufficient. Throughout history, real, sustainable change has happened when the populace unites in collective acts of defiance[4]. The Golden Rule Tax Disobedience is a peaceful act of civil disobedience calling for a genuine democracy and equitable rules; one which is able to provide urgent and appropriate responses to the multiple crises our civilisation is facing. (Our demands are here).

The disobedience will begin when at least 500 UK citizens pledge to take part, so please sign and share this pledge[5].

Participants can join in either of two ways (everyone is able to participate):

  1. Non-payment of VAT in a café - watch the video – easy, less risky and doesn’t harm the café
  2. By refusing to pay £50 or more of a tax bill – for those who do tax returns and are willing to risk fines (contact us if you are willing to do this).

The tax disobedience involves small amounts of money, and the unpaid tax will be donated to campaigning groups[6]. Principled tax disobedience is consistent with calls for tax justice[7].

                          Remember the (corrupted) Golden Rule: those with the GOLD make the RULES!
                                            Our power lies in acting together; let’s change the rules!

Further information

How we will do the tax disobedience- practical information

Video about the protest including detailed information on how EVERYONE can participate. 

Tax disobedience – Legal information

Detailed information about why this action is needed -including the demands of the action

About the Pledge Holder

I am Gail Bradbrook, a mother based in Stroud. I am leading this with my colleagues George Barda and Joel Benjamin and a team that are supporting us. This is very much "grass roots". I've supported the tax justice and transition movements. As part of that journey I wanted to understand why things are so "f*cked up" and what we can do about it (I have a PhD in science and a problem solving brain!). Ths is what I feel moved to do. I really hope you feel moved to join -  as George says "We are the people we have been waiting for".



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