DONE - #ToxicBankers – we demand Barclays stop funding fracking and #DAPL

SUCCESS!!!! BARCLAYS AGREE TO DIVEST!TARGET REACHED, LET'S MAKE IT BIGGER!:I pledge, to support a small group of concerned citizens, to undertake acts of civil disobedience at a branch of Barclays Bank, if four other groups undertake to do the same (around May 5th). Barclays Bank are funding fracking in Yorkshire (they own 97% of Third Energy) and the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as having a history of toxic banking (LIBOR and FOREX scandals, tax dodging, NHS PFI and shadow banking). 

#ToxicBankers #StopBarclaysFracking #WeSaidNo #NoDAPL #RisingUp!

What the action involves - Around 5th May 2017

The proposal is a graffiti action on a branch of Barclays Bank in broad daylight (see this video example). This follows the tradition of civil disobedience, where the consequences of actions are faced. The moral force of the law breaking is to highlight a greater crime. Poster or chalk paint is preferred, which can be removed relatively easily. If it's water soluble, then the graffiti will be only temporary.

Bristol Rising Up! recently did this action first thing in the morning, before the bank was open. They then offered tea and a friendly chat about it to staff, customers and passers by! They also wiped off the chalk when the police arrived, (one person was arrested person and then de-arrested!). Your group can choose how long to leave the graffiti there for. Here are some leaflets (design 1, design 2 and design 3 and a training poster if of use ).

1. A minimum of three people are needed per location: one to chalk or spray "#ToxicBankers", "stop funding fracking", "#NoDAPL", or your preferred slogan; one to video or photograph it; and one to stand guard. This will be done in daylight but when the bank is closed, for example before it opens. 
2. We will aggregate the photos and videos and share online, in support of the frack free movement and those opposing the Oil Pipelines.
3. Some groups may choose to do a follow up action - these could be a flashmob occupation, additional graffiti or whatever you decide - be creative.

These acts are explicitly non-violent and above ground. (See also Roger Hallam's action at Kings College,as part of a climate emergency escalation campaign, which has recently led to a commitment to divestment from fossil fuels.)

The goal is to expose the role of Barclays Bank in environmental destruction and the wider toxic role banks play in social and climate injustice. A secondary goal, is to stand in solidarity with the water protectors at UK fracking sites and those fighting expansion of oil and gas pipelines in the USA. Finally, we want to contribute to the normalisation of civil disobedience, which has played a crucial role in social change. The current system stands because we are obedient and we need learn to disobey and normalise dissent. We are launching our actions around Reclaim the Power's brilliant two week Break the Chain campaign, who are targeting the fracking supply chain and aligning with Global Divestment Mobilisation beginning May 5th.

Why Barclays Bank?

Banks should play a supportive role in an economy, enabling useful investment in socially useful functions. The finance sector, is however a curse, a key pillar in the toxic system we live in, in which there is deep inequality, extreme poverty and environmental destruction. Barclays are classic #ToxicBankers funding environmentally toxic activities such as:

  • fracking
  • the Dakota Access Pipeline 
  • ​aviation expansion

as well as having a history of toxic banking (LIBOR and FOREX scandals, tax dodging, NHS PFI and shadow banking).

Legal information

There are various potential consequences for this action, which are outlined in the legal information . We provide this information, not as legal advice, but to highlight possibilities. Those participating do so at their own risk. We are proud of people willing to take risks and break laws through non-violent direct action, in order to highlight massive social, economic and environmental injustices.

Ensure your group is aware of risks involved, has been briefed on the risks of arresthow to react and has a wider circle of people to offer emotional and practical support

Alternative Options

If you would prefer to undertake a simple protest outside of Barclays Bank, then please see the associated solidarity pledge. We also encourage you to support Reclaim the Power's fortnight of Break the Chain direct actions between 27th March and 10th April and Global Divestment Mobilisation which begins May 5th 2017.


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