DONE - #ToxicBankers – protest to demand Barclays stop funding fracking and #DAPL

I pledge, to organise a local event at Barclays Bank (a protest, handing in of a petition, creative event, etc) in solidarity with those willing to commit an open act of civil disobedience against Barclays. Barclays Bank are funding fracking in Yorkshire (they own 97% of Third Energy) and the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as having a history of toxic banking (LIBOR and FOREX scandals, tax dodging, NHS PFI and shadow banking). #ToxicBankers #StopBarclaysFracking #WeSaidNo #NoDAPL #RisingUp!

What the action involves - around May 5th 2017

The proposal is an action around Barclays Bank, which could include:

1. Handing out leaflets

2. A protest with banners, singing or chanting

3. Projecting #ToxicBankers onto the bank at night time (be inspired by FeralX!)

4. A vigil

The goal is to expose the role of Barclays Bank in environmental destruction and the wider toxic role of banks in social and climate injustice. A secondary goal, is to stand in solidarity with the water protectors at UK fracking sites and those opposing the expansion of oil and gas pipelines in the USA. Finally, we want to support civil disobedience actions, because civil disobedience has played a crucial role in social change. We also encourage you to support Reclaim the Power's fortnight of Break the Chain direct actions between 27th March and 10th April and Global Divestment Mobilisation which begins May 5th 2017.

Why Barclays Bank?

Banks should play a supportive role in an economy, enabling useful investment in socially useful functions. The finance sector, is however a curse, a key pillar in the toxic system we live in, in which there is deep inequality, extreme poverty and environmental destruction. Barclays are classic #ToxicBankers funding environmentally toxic activities such as:

  • fracking
  • the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • ​aviation expansion

as well as having a history of toxic banking (LIBOR and FOREX scandals, tax dodgingNHS PFI and Shadow banking).

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