DONE! Rising Up! #StayGrounded Protests Heathrow Nov 19th (low risk)

I pledge to take part in protests and acts of peaceful mischief at Heathrow Airport on November the 19th if at least 100 other people join me. The protests are to say #StayGrounded- no airport expansion, aviation and climate change must be addressed. (I understand that these protests wll be designed to minimise the risk of arrest (though any protest carries that risk)).


It’s on. The Guardian knows it. Heathrow knows it. Over 100 people have pledged to take part to take action for climate justice.

Whatever happens tomorrow, there is so much gratitude and love for all of you who have helped bring this together – huge admiration for everyone’s courage to stand up to what’s happening in the world around us.

The demonstration is meeting at the Three Magpies, Bath Road, TW6 2AU at 11:45am.

Once more, share this event, spread it on your networks:

Bring placards, banners and your voices! The organiser is Neil on 07850904677 if you need him.

We have local people coming, people via this pledge and people via the facebook event so we believe there should be some good numbers..and the BBC are joining.


We are looking for at least 100 people to make a commitment to do a variety of non- arrestable (see disclaimer below) protest activities at Heathrow airport if at least 100 others join them. The demand is for no more expansion at this or any other airport. No more expansion of aviation is possible if the UK is to keep to its commitment under the International Agreement to reduce climate emissions made in Paris. We all know the game is up and the climate crisis is a crisis for all of us – it is an emergency. Rising Up! is a new network organising an escalation of protests and civil disobedience to force the government to take seriously the enormous threat of climate change and rapidly reduce carbon emissions. This action then is part of a series of actions Rising Up! is initiating to up the pressure. The time for debating is over. Action is needed.

The activities are bring decided as soon as a bunch of people get together to organise and promote them. Ideas at present are a die-in (everyone lies “dead” on the floor) and other “flash mob” activities, people standing still wearing all black or a mock funeral, a critical mass bike ride, something involved black molasses(!). If you are interested in helping please email us at (or contact us privately through the FaceBook page).

These protest will take place alongside another "arrestable" civil disobedience action which is the subject of another pledge.

And alongside a "communications blockade" which you can do from a distance and is another pledge.

We do not do this in opposition to the people working for Heathrow - we all collude in some ways with a system that is broken, out of control and creating social and environmental injustice across the world. This isn't about blame, but it is about saying this system needs to stop and those organisations which perpetuate and enhance the system are rightly a target of protests to cause disruption. Change has largely come through people being willing to disrupt and confront power structures.

Rising Up!

(Disclaimer: Our legal advice is that although the activities people will do on this pledge, such as a die in or flash mob, are very unlikely to lead to arrest, there is always a small possibility of this occurring).

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