DONE! Let's tell the govt & aviation industry to #StayGrounded and #StopAirportExpansion

SUCCESS- ACTION COMPLETE! Supported by Reclaim The Power: In defense of the planet and its people, I pledge to stand together with at least 400 people to undertake safe, effective, family friendly, peaceful action against aviation expansion, on October 1st at Heathrow. It is unregulated, cannot be de-carbonised and is directly impacting the health and well being of communities both locally and globally, as well as the very planet we all live upon. #StayGrounded #StopAirportExpansion 

This action took place with about 400 people and was a great success.

With the climate crisis looming, it is more important than ever that we take a stand against an aviation industry that is currently excluded from the global CO2 emissions targets set at the COP21 (in Paris 2015) and set for huge expansion, causing aviation emissions to be the fastest growing cause of climate change. This cannot stand. So stand with us on Saturday the 1st of October

What: Hundreds of people will take part in a family-friendly flashmob and a Critical Mass bike ride
Where: At Heathrow Airport
When: Saturday 1st October, 12 noon

How: This will be a fun, colourful, peaceful event that everyone is invited to participate in. The health and safety of airport staff, passengers and ourselves are of paramount importance and a top priority, and just in case it is not clear we will not be going on to any runways! Reclaim the Power will support participants with info-sharing / legal briefing / action training events, to ensure you are fully prepared to participate. An action consensus has been agreed to set the safe parameters of this day of action and further information is available from Reclaim the Power and the Facebook event page.


  • 70% of UK flights are taken by just 15% of the population.
  • Demand is being driven by a minority of wealthy frequent flyers, taking short distance leisure breaks.
  • Only ~5% of the global population have ever flown.
  • If aviation growth in the UK continues at the current rate, the UK's entire carbon budget will be taken up by aviation by 2050.
  • According to a cross party committee of MP's, UK air pollution is a public health emergency, and yet the aviation industry's contribution to this is being ignored, for the sake of finance and economic growth, even though it's literally costing the earth.

What are our messages?

  • No new runways, and no expansion of airports anywhere in the UK.
  • The UK government must not support ICAO’s proposal to use carbon offsets to make the illusory case for expansion of ‘sustainable aviation’, but must include real reductions in aviation emissions in national carbon budgets and international targets.
  • Divert the huge subsidies that the aviation industry receives, and invest the money in trains as part of a just transition to more sustainable transportation infrastructure, making national and nearby international rail journeys easier, cheaper and faster.

WE MUST ACT NOW to reduce emissions and to protect those communities at risk. This means reducing flights, opposing the construction of any major new runways, and pushing the sustainable and socially just solutions that the government refuses to. The health of our communities and our environment cannot not be compromised for the sake of short term economic gain. 

Join us on October 1st to tell the UK government to #StayGrounded in climate science and #StopAirportExpansion

Pledge Hosted by Reclaim the Power
Reclaim the Power is a grassroots organising network for taking direct action on environmental, economic and social justice issues, working in solidarity with affected communities. We recognise that the looming climate crisis is being ignored by Governments and Corporations both globally and locally and we aim to empower people and communities to challenge injustice and fight for the future of our children as well as the planet that sustains us all.

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