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TARGET REACHED! LETS MAKE IT BIGGER! I pledge to join at least 5 other people in peaceful acts of civil disobedience aimed at highlighting the madness of Gloucestershire County Councils decision to build an incinerator. Now we have seen the contract, this is clearly a waste of money, as well as an environmental catastrophe. Having tried everything else, we must resort to peaceful civil disobedience to be heard. #CancelTheContract  #WeSaidNoIncinerator #RisingUp

The issue

All of us in Gloucestershire - are PAYING to build a super-expensive, toxin-creating, air-polluting, climate-changing incinerator on our doorstep (at Javelin Park).

The contract is so SUPER-EXPENSIVE that it will be CHEAPER TO CANCEL than to continue - even now that work has begun. It is NOT the only alternative to landfill, & it is more expensive than ANY other option (including landfill or trucking waste to an incinerator elsewhere!).

Legal challenges, petitions, motions to cancel, official questions & complaints have encountered a STONEWALL OF DENIAL & continual stream of MISINFORMATION from Glos County Council. Every area of the Council's budget has been slashed - EXCEPT for waste, which is going up because of this awful contract. Our public money will literally go up in TOXIC SMOKE.

The Actions

This is unacceptable. We WILL make our voices heard, & if that means a little PEACEFUL MISCHIEF, there are some among us who are willing to take that step into civil disobedience (non-violent of course). We are not willing to negotiate on the health of our families, communities & landscape & we intend to make that clear - & to HAVE FUN doing it.

A carnival series of PEACEFUL CITIZENS' ACTIONS, events & protests are organised which all are welcome to participate in - bring banners, voices, colours & tambourines... 

Some of us are also willing to undertake acts of civil disobedience (if you join us you will be briefed on the actions which will take place during the events above - contact us).

Legal Information

There are various potential consequences for this action, which are outlined in the legal information . We provide this information, not as legal advice, but to highlight possibilities. Those participating do so at their own risk. We are proud of people willing to take risks and break laws through non-violent direct action, in order to highlight massive social, economic and environmental injustices.

Ensure you are aware of risks involved, have been briefed on the risks of arresthow to react and have a wider circle of people to offer emotional and practical support

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