NVDA Handouts

General Handouts

Kit List to bring to London

Prison Briefing PDF

XR Prison Workshop Slides and link to Webinar video risingup.org.uk/prison-slides

Hand signals for meetings (we don't really use the "I'm Confused" or "Veto")

Crucial Elements of NVDA

Burnout/Regenerative Culture (useful for everyone!)

Wellbeing Bundle (more info, intended for Affinity Group coordinators)

Affinity Group pack (for new groups)

Arctic Ice melt graph

Rebellion sign-up forms for printing (they can be filled out or digitised at www.risingup.org.uk/rebellion-sign-up )

The Basics about Affinity Groups

Extinction Rebellion Handbook:
Extinction Rebellion Handbook Cover

Action Templates

Soft blockade template

Instore newspaper cut-up

Chalk Spray leaflet (template)

Road blockade dealing with aggression script

General NVDA Action Template

198 NVDA Methods of Direct Action

Chalk Spray video (2min)

Road blockade disco video (1min)

Pictures from previous actions

​Legal & Safety

Legal Briefing & Likely Charges

Guidelines for Legal Support

Green & Black Cross Bustcards

​Safety During Protests info sheet

The Workshop Outline

A 2.5-hour version of the workshop outline, for those who wish to run it

Other Stuff

Ways to Get Active in the Extinction Rebellion

Watch to talk: "Heading for Extinction and What to do About It"