Golden rule tax disobedience - What we are calling for

We call for laws and policies that will [27]:

  1. Restore and strengthen our democracy: by reforming the UK media’s undue concentrations of ownership[28], the voting system, political-party funding and current lobbying practices, and holding a constitutional convention[29]. Tackling tax dodging[30], tax haven abuse[31] and the “finance curse”[32] so that the financial sector is stable and fit for purpose[33].
  2. Protect life on Earth: rapidly moving towards a Zero Carbon Britain[34] and supporting an international Law of Ecocide[35] to prevent and mitigate harm.
  3. Broaden prosperity: People’s “Quantitative Easing”[36] to invest in green jobs and affordable housing[37],[38],[39]; a citizen’s basic income[40], [41] and land value taxation[42].
  4. Protect our NHS: An NHS reinstatement bill[43] to be enacted
  5. Strengthen peace and security: based on a comprehensive approach to security[44]  and the prevention of activities that fuel war[45]
  6. Repeal or prevention of laws and policies that undermine the public good and basic living standards[46]. This will include measurement and reporting of the impact of acts of parliament on the health and well-being of UK citizens[47], and comprehensive monitoring of the scale of corporate subsidies[48] (“corporate welfare”).

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