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Rising Up! was formed by activists who have also been part of Compassionate Revolution, Earth First! Occupy, Plan Stupid, Radical Think Tank and Reclaim the Power. Rising Up! is linked to Compassionate Revolution which was birthed in the Occupy movement. We seek a better more beautiful world we recognise is both necessary and possible. It is an idea, a term that can be adopted. We share a vision for change which we hope is inclusive. We offer a space that can be used for actions needing collective intent.

Technically Compassionate Revolution Limited is a company limited by shares; we have no intention of profiting from this venture. As "Directors" we gift our time to the "company" and we will run the "company" along gift economy lines. If we need financial support for some element of the work, for example some technology changes, we may ask members to gift donations. We have incorporated because company Directors have limited liabilities- often with devastating consequences. We believe changes to the law are vital to hold company directors responsible for the activities of their companies.

As 'directors', it is our duty to uphold the mission of the Compassionate Revolution company to enable people power, in the face of the corruption of our democracy by vested interests. We understand that people may be willing to undertake acts of defiance, some of which could be illegal) in the pursuit of social and environmental justice and they may wish to share their actions with others. Our site and processes are designed to support such sharing.

Our Structure 

Rising Up! is learning from the ways of working of some of the fastest grown social movements and organisations around the world. We draw on research on what works best:

  • The network is based on small group decision-making, where people take advice / feedback then make their own decisions and are accountable for them. Continual review improves practice (this is “distributed organising”, rather than the old, slow consensus model).
  • A strategy group takes feedback and makes a call on the dates of mass actions, the type of actions which will happen on that date and the broad frame and demands of these events.
  • Other working groups will take overall responsibility for specific areas such as training and process, outreach and promotion, media and communications, logistics, movement care.
  • An action group forms to organise the core action for an event, within the boundaries set by the strategy group. They consult with the other groups to create an action plan.
  • The action group includes a coordination group for the action responsible for taking things forwards, alongside other working groups each with their own autonomy to take forward an area of responsibility (similar to the groups mentioned above, but action specific).
  • Within a working group each member takes on clear roles which contribute to the aims of the group. Some are set (e.g. the facilitator), others are for specific tasks. Each person is autonomous to make the decisions to get their jobs done.
  • If people want to do other actions on the set date they can set up their own autonomous group and use the same structure to get on with organising it.

Our Principles and Values are that:

1.We work to put intersectionality (diversity) at the heart of our movement

2.Everyone is welcome; we make our spaces safe

3.We are a non-violent movement.

4.You matter, We matter, the Earth matters – taking care of each other and nature

5.EVERYONE is crew, the need for inner and outer activism- deal with your negative streaks!

6.Proceed as Needed – you don’t need permission to take part, but be mindful of self-selection for power where some push themselves forwards and others hold back

7.We don’t dance with politicians and bureaucrats – no negotiation unless through sortation

8.We can meet our own needs – we won’t be diverted by chasing big money

9.Cooperation and messaging – we welcome partners who adhere to our values

All people involved in these processes need to be trained in the “DNA” of the movement – the story, the strategy, the structure. There is a standardised training programme which everyone joining the network goes on. More trainers are trained as more people get involved. People are then able to form their own teams to create actions around the events dates and demands set by the RU strategy group. This structure encourages creativity, flexibility and initiative. Training includes:

  1. Training/briefing of organisers – going through roles and responsibilities, common problems etc
  2. The DNA of the movement – a regular, general introduction, with a You Tube version
  3. The Mobilisation workshop for details about the next action.
  4. Direct action workshop for information about direct action tactics, legalities and affinity groups.
  5. Additional trainings related to the DNA of the movement, for example of self-care / burnout / inner work and anti-oppressive practice / intersectionality. Advanced strategy training.


How we share power and stop it becoming an issue

Without clear rules, inequalities of power and participation in groups persist and do not get noticed and dealt with. Our structure aims to increase efficiency by creating explicit clarity about roles and procedures. All members of each group will need a clear briefing about how their group works and how it fits into the larger structure.

  • All the details on the ways of working are written down in policies and procedures documentation[1] so that roles, responsibilities, and power in the network are explicit, clear and accountable.
  • The core actions, dates, and frames are decided by the strategy group taking feedback from a wider group of people with key knowledge and expertise. The people in this group are trained and experienced and the membership of this group rotates.
  • The present strategy group was selected from initial organisers. After Christmas 2016 the membership of this group will be chosen from people who have done advanced training.
  • A general assembly will be held in early 2017 to prioritise aims, actions and demands/frames going forwards. The new strategy group will use this feedback to create an escalation plan for the following months.
  • Each group has 1 coordinator responsible for minutes and ensuring meetings happen whether on or off line. This person should not be the facilitator of meeting so power and responsibility can be shared.
  •  The coordinator’s key role is to chase people between meetings to make sure tasks are being done on time and deals with any bottlenecks which are holding up progress. 
  • Writing down your jobs and reading them out to the group helps to embed them in your brain and provides a clear record of what you have to do. It also helps create accountability.
  • Anyone can get on with some action without having to go to a meeting, as long as they check with 2-3 other people for advice beforehand.
  • At end of action/project the group pre-set a date and time to have a feedback session.
  • Once DNA has been set, it cannot be changed, though there is much flexibility within that DNA. The group who began organising Rising Up! may act as guardians of the DNA going forwards.


Why this is Necessary

We are initiating and promoting campaigns of civil disobedience in the UK, which may include the breaking of laws. Our movement is explicitly nonviolent and we intend no harm to any person. We believe this is necessary as a means to respond toe scientifically attested ecological threats and to challenge gross social injustices; as has happened many times in the past such as with the suffragettes, the civil rights movement in the USA, the Indian Independence movement, and the Rights to Roam in the UK. We stand on the shoulders of those movements. We stand within these traditions and learn from them.
For many of us these actions are motivated by spiritual beliefs as Pagans, Quakers, Buddhists, Jews and so on. We are called to act in service of a higher authority, a higher purpose or on behalf of the Mother Earth.

Through our action we seek to bring about
- A functioning democracy based on informed consent. We do not believe we have a functioning democracy in the UK. It has been captured by corporate and private interests and the media is owned by wealthy billionaires who use their power to systematically undermine informed public debate.
- Transformation of the political system, society and economy to ones which maximise well-being and minimizes harm. The existing political and economic system is set to destroy civilisation and much if not all life on earth if allowed to continue. This is most apparent in our society's inability to cut the carbon emissions which are creating catastrophic  climate change, and through its reckless destruction of bio-diversity.
-A society of genuine equality without poverty and privilege. At present UK is becomes ever more grossly unequal due economic arrangements which vastly favour the wealthy elites.

No particular individual or group is responsible for this state of affairs. The problem is the whole system. It is out of control to the extent that it necessitates nonviolent civil disobedience as a means to prevent disaster and create the sane and equitable society we all desire and require for ourselves and future generations.

Team GB!


Gail Bradbrook

Gail Bradbrook is an economic justice campaigner and compassionate revolutionary. She runs a charity focussed on universal access to the internet, is a Mum and has a PhD in Molecular Biophysics. Here’s Gail talking about economics and the need for a different kind of economy.

George Barda

George Barda is a Climate change and Occupy Activist and a compassionate revolutionary. He works for an environmental NGO, is a Dad and has a Masters in Environmental Politics and Globalisation. Here’s George talking about the need for a functioning democracy and the need for a compassionate revolution.